Holland Area Beekeepers Association meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month (except when noted) at the Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd. Holland, Michigan. Arrive to mingle at 6:30 pm. Announcements and presentations begin at 7:00, followed by small group gatherings where newbees can discuss their beekeeping questions with more experienced beekeepers. The gathering ends at 9:00 pm.

We provide encouragement and support for those who are new to keeping honeybees, those who are interested but not necessarily intending to keep bees, as well as experienced beekeepers. Monthly meetings feature a presentation on a topic that is relevant to beekeepers. There will be time before and after these presentations to pose questions and share ideas with your fellow bee enthusiasts.

There is no charge for membership

Michigan Beekeepers Association Spring Conference

Registration is open for the MBA Spring Conference at the Kellogg Center, Michigan State University in East Lansing. The schedule is available by clicking here. Registration is available by clicking here. HABA will not be meeting in March, so think about attending this informative conference.

NEED BEES? - Now is the time to place your orders for packages if you will be starting new or expanding your apiary this spring. Here are some resources to get you started:

Don Lam Bees (Holland, MI) http://donlambees.com/package-bees-order-form-2018-2/

AWS bees (Swarz Creek, MI) http://www.awsbeesllc.com/index.html (Italian, Carniolan and Saskatraz packages, 2 and 3 lb)

IF YOU ARE ORDERING BEES FROM AWS/DAVE ANTHONY, WE MAY BE ORGANIZING A GROUP PICKUP FOR HOLLAND AREA BEEKEEPERS. One or two members will pick up packages/queens in Swartz Creek and arrange for pickup in the Holland area. Those placing orders will reimburse drivers for gas. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, email webmaster@hollandbees.org

Northern Bee Network (listings of those selling local nucs and queens) http://northernbeenetwork.org/#buy-local-bees

NEWBEES who missed out on Bee School...

(and even if you go to Bee School) the Ohio State Beekeepers have provided a series of videos that will fill in the gaps, as well as provide a handy reminder when you forget what to do next. Visit the site and all of the (currently 34!) Web-Based Introductory Beekeeping Training Program online videos (click the blue text to the left or copy this url into your browser  - http://www.ohiostatebeekeepers.org)/beekeeping_class)

Upcoming HABA board meetings:

Consider attending to find out what is happening behind the scenes at HABA and take the opportunity voice your interests or concerns.

HABA board meetings are open to the public. You are welcome to come to a meeting and just listen, or bring up an issue of concern regarding the club or beekeeping in West Michigan that warrants consideration by the board or the club in general. If you wish to add an item to the board agenda, you should do so at least a week in advance by sending an email detailing your concern to info@hollandbees.org.

Minutes from recent board meetings are available by clicking here.


Holland Area Beekeepers Association donated a subscription to American Bee Journal to Herrick District Library in Holland. YOU CAN GO TO THE LIBRARY WITH YOUR DEVICE AND DOWNLOAD A COPY. There is no charge. Anyone who goes to the library can login to the library's wifi and download the current copy of American Bee journal by going to this link: https://herrickdl.org/eresearch.

  • Scroll down to American Bee Journal, click the link and you can either read online while at the library or download onto your device.
  • If you have any problems, go to the Information Desk for assistance.
  • You will be able to access it at either the main library (300 S. River Avenue in Holland) or the North Side branch (155 Riley Street, next to the Holland Township Fire station)

In the future it is expected that anyone with a Herrick District library card will be able to access the American Bee Journal remotely through the library website. That feature is not yet available.

HABA is now recognised by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit organization. Our annual financial statements (Income and Balance Statements) may be accessed from the appropriate links on our About Us page. You can access the About Us page from the link at the top of this page.

We will post a link to our (usually) monthly board meeting minutes on the About Us page as well, once they have been submitted by the Secretary and approved by the Board.

Interested in raising queens? We formed a queen-rearing interest group. If you are interested in joining us, indicate your interest by emailing webmaster@hollandbees.org.

MSU has an online course and certification program for Pollinator Champions. Visit their website at https://pollinators.msu.edu/programs/pollinator-champions/


If you have bee-related items to sell locally, you may post a classified ad on our website by emailling webmaster@hollandbees.org


Do you have questions about beekeeping or our bee club? Email us at info@hollandbees.org

If you have concerns or suggestions regarding the website, email webmaster@hollandbees.org

Stay informed about upcoming events, as well as timely tips for beekeepers. Sign up for our newsletter by clicking HERE