Holland Area Beekeepers Association meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month (except when noted) at the Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd. Holland, Michigan. Arrive to mingle at 6:30 pm. Announcements and presentations begin at 7:00, followed by small group gatherings where newbees can discuss their beekeeping questions with more experienced beekeepers. The gathering ends at 9:00 pm.

We provide encouragement and support for those who are new to keeping honeybees, those who are interested but not necessarily intending to keep bees, as well as experienced beekeepers. Monthly meetings feature a presentation on a topic that is relevant to beekeepers. There will be time before and after these presentations to pose questions and share ideas with your fellow bee enthusiasts.

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Due to changes in class schedules at GVSU's Holland campus, our meeting time has been changed to the third Tuesday of the month. This will begin with our September meeting:

BEEKEEPING IN CUBA - November 20, 2018

Cathy and Dale Dykema will review their trip to Cuba in 2017 which included visits to several apiaries, the National Center for Bee Research, and packing facilities. The discussion will include how Cuban beekeepers are able to get almost half of their harvest certified as Organic by the European market, how they are coping with varroa without in-hive pesticides, and insights into how operating in a communist system affects the lives of beekeepers.

"Long known for its cigars and rum, Cuba has added organic honey to its list of key agricultural exports, creating a buzz among farmers as pesticide use has been linked to declining bee populations elsewhere. Organic honey has become Cuba’s fourth most valuable agricultural export behind fish products, tobacco and drinks, but ahead of the Caribbean island’s more famous sugar and coffee. All of Cuba’s honey can be certified as organic. After the collapse in 1991 of the Soviet Union, Cuba’s main trading partner, the island was unable to afford pesticides. By necessity, the government embraced organic agriculture, and the policies have largely stuck. Cuba has been immune to the bee die-offs hitting other regions." - from American Bee Journal, October 2018 issue.

(American Bee Journal repeated the tour this year, scheduled for November 10-18, due to its popularity)

December 18, 2018 - Holiday party.

January 19, 2019 - Banquet at the Trestle Stop in Hamilton, Michigan.

February 16, 2019 - Bee school at GVSU Holland Campus.

Charlotte Hubbard named MBA Beekeeper of the Year at the fall meeting on October 27.

Our congratulations to Charlotte, who has shared her beekeeping wisdom to HABA members on numerous occasions. Charlotte reluctantly took over her late husband's apiary many  years ago and has since become an avid beekeeper, teacher, and advocate for our favorite insect. She is active with the Kalamazoo Beekeeping Club.

RECAP: October 16 meeting

Tony McCaul, instructor at the Careerline Tech Center, along with three students spoke on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at the monthly HABA meeting. Tony and his students provided an overview of the Agricultural & Animal Science program, which includes bee keeping. Tony’s teaching style is 70% experiential, 20% shared discussion, and 10% reading and lecturing. He begins the school year in the fall by putting the students right into bee suits to harvest and extract honey, conduct mite checks, and prepare the hives for winter. The students shared their personal experience with bee keeping by telling their story of putting on a bee suit and overcoming their fear of bees just by holding a frame and watching the bees. 
These high school students have the opportunity for leadership, competition, and community service through membership in the national FFA organization. Since adding bee keeping four years ago, several students have presented at district, regional, and state competitions using bee keeping as an underlying theme and placed as high as second and third at district and regional competitions. These competitions are an excellent way to expose individuals across the state on the importance of bees to our agriculture system. Tony has been approached by other schools in Ottawa County, which are interested in starting beehives and integrating the program into their existing curriculum.
HABA has been a supporter of the program by providing funds and equipment including a hive scale and an extractor for the program. It was enlightening to hear the student’s stories and HABA will continue to collaborate with Careeline Tech Center so there may be opportunities for members to assist in developing future bee keepers. (contributed by Erin Von Tom, HABA Secretary)
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Don and Jack's beehive rescue

At the September meeting, Don Lam announced that there was a hive attached to a playhouse in the Holland area, under an eave but otherwise unprotected. On Sept 20, Don, Jack Hartman and a few local beekeepers gathered to help or watch the removal of the exposed hive so that it could be placed in a Longstroth hive. You can see a synopsis of this remarkable beehive 'rescue' by clicking the link:


Interested in raising queens? We formed a queen-rearing interest group. If you are interested in joining us, indicate your interest by emailing webmaster@hollandbees.org.

MSU has an online course and certification program for Pollinator Champions. Visit their website at https://pollinators.msu.edu/programs/pollinator-champions/




We are able to provide a representative to a class or organization for a presentation about bees.  This can be tailored to the audience with regards to age, duration and complexity of presentation. We offer this as a way of increasing awareness of and interest in bees and beekeeping. Please send requests to outreach@hollandbees.org



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