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APRIL 12 meeting -

Join us from 7-9 pm on Thursday, April 12th for our monthly meeting, complete with coffee, conversation (about bees, of course) and informaton.

"Everything you wanted to know about package bees (but were afraid to ask....)"

  • Where do package bees come from?  Chuck Bauer and Don Lam will be recounting their many trips to Georgia to pick up package bees. It is a great tale of how package bees are created, from queen rearing to filling the bee cages to the challenges of transporting and travel.
    • Don Lam and his wife Jean have been keeping bees for over two decades. Don has been instrumental in Holland Areaa Beekeepers Association and a former board president. He has served on the MBA Board for 15+ years and actively mentors, keeps bees, teaches and provides community outreach on behalf of bees. Don and Jean also sell bee supplies and are a source of package bees. Visit their website at http://www.donlambees.com.
    • Chuck Bauer, a beekeeper for nearly a decade, successfully keeps 18 hives and one feral log hive. He is a member of five different bee clubs and teaches on different beekeeping subjects. He is a past board member of the Holland Area Beekeepers Association and a current board member of the Grand Rapids Bee Club.

(Beekeeping in Cuba by Dale and Kathy Dykema, originally scheduled for the April meeting, will be presented at a later date)

There will be time available after the presentation for 'newbees' and 'wannabees' to meet in small groups with experienced beekeepers to ask questions about beekeeping.


HABA meetings are held the second Thursday of the month (except when noted) at the Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd. Holland, Michigan.

There is no charge for membership


Click here for a recap of the 2018 HABA Beekeeping School. Many of the topics introduced at Bee School 2018 will be covered in depth in future HABA meetings/workshops/events.


Beginning as well as seasoned beekeepers may want to visit our Beekeeping Videos page. (If there is a video that you have found particularly useful, please send the link to webmaster@hollandbees.org.)


BEEKEEPERS AGED 12-18 may apply for the 2018 Bayer Bee Care Young Beekeeper award by clicking here.  Details of the requirements for entry are included on the form. The Young Beekeeper Award allows entrants between the ages of 12 and 18 the opportunity to win $3,000 (1st place), $2,000 (2nd place) or $1,000 (3rd place) to support honey bee-focused initiatives in their schools or communities or to help fund their college tuition. Deadline for entries is Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

Are your bees getting hungry?







On February 20, Chuck Bauer took advantage of a break in the weather to check on his bees. This is his report of what he found....

"Today in my bee yard it was 59 degrees, between the raindrops,(I got soaked at the tail-end of the job) I took advantage to put some sugar blocks in my hives. Some hives have eaten the sugar blocks I put in at the beginning of January, others had eaten most of the blocks, a couple hardly touched then. So I ended up putting 45 pounds of sugar blocks in 16 hives. I have 2 blocks left over for a nuc that I didn't get to.  I'll get it at the next warm-up"

Click here for Chuck's recipe for sugar blocks.