Holland Area Beekeepers Association meet the THIRD TUESDAY of the month. at the Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd. Holland, Michigan. Arrive to mingle at 6:30 pm. Announcements and presentations begin at 7:00, followed by small group gatherings where newbees can discuss their beekeeping questions with more experienced beekeepers. The gathering ends at 9:00 pm.

We provide encouragement and support for those who are new to keeping honeybees, those who are interested but not necessarily intending to keep bees, as well as experienced beekeepers. Monthly meetings feature a presentation on a topic that is relevant to beekeepers. There will be time before and after these presentations to pose questions and share ideas with your fellow bee enthusiasts.

There is no charge for membership

Bee School registration is now open!

When: Saturday, February 8, 2020, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Where: Grand Valley State University Holland Campus, 515 S. Waverly Road, Holland, MI

To register, click on this link or visit the Registration page. After completing the registration form, you will pay the registration fee using PayPal. Adult registration is 50.00. Student registration is 30.00.

We are pleased to announce this year's Bee School Keynote speaker : Ray Lackey of Sweet Pines Apiary

Ray has been keeping bees for over 35 years, receiving Eastern Apicultural Society Master Beekeeper certification in 1995. A recent West Michigan transplant, Ray served terms as President of the Long Island Beekeepers Association, Director for Eastern Apiculture Society, and President of the EAS Master Beekeepers. He is currently secretary for the Grand Rapids Beekeepers. He has published articles in Bee Culture and American Bee Journal, as well as teaching classes on a variety of beekeeping topics to a broad range of audiences. It is not possible to cover the depth of his experience here. For more information, please visit https://www.tianca.com/introduction/

This year's Bee School will cover a variety of topics of interest to beginner and novice beekeepers, including:

  • Installing packages and nucs
  • Equipment - tools and toys of the trade
  • Pests and diseases - prevention, recognition and internvention
  • Identifying and controlling the Varroa mite
  • Early and late season splits - how and why
  • How and why to raise your own queens
  • The beekeeper's year, month by month
  • Q & A sessions

A detailed list and description of session content, as well as schedule, will be available at the end of January.

HABA local queen rearing interest group

The HABA Queen Interest Group formed in September 2018 as a group of individuals who were interested in raising local hardy queens.

It is our hope that we can improve the genetics of our local bees through education and promotion of locally sustainable methods of beekeeping. A significant piece of this initiative involves breeding queens that are adapted to survive the challenges Michigan’s northern climate.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on the progress of the interest group. If you are interested in being on the queen rearing interest group email list, contact webmaster@hollandbees.org

Interested but not sure what queen rearing involves? Here are a few links to check out the particulars:

  • http://kirkwebster.com/5-early-summerqueen-rearing-begins This is a comfortable narrative by eastern beekeeper Kirk Webster on his queen rearing process
  • Arkansas_queen_rearing.pdf This article comes from the University of Arkansas ag school, so the climate is not like ours, but the material is very readable. Includes illustrations and photographs.
  • Ohio_Beekeepers_Queen_Manual.pdf This is a 25 page detailed explanation that includes information on queen biology with the particulars of two non-grafting methods of queen rearing as well as the Doolittle grafting method. Includes illustrations and photos.

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PROBLEM BEES? If you are looking for someone to remove a swarm (a large clump of honeybees hanging from a tree or other surface in your yard) or a cutout (Honeybees living in the walls of your home or other building) click here to access our swarm list, which includes three licensed contractors who can do cutouts with necessary repairs. Most beekeepers will capture a swarm for the benefit of acquiring the colony, but cutouts require skills that will incur a fee by the contractor.

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