Holland Area Beekeepers Association meetings are held the second Thursday of the month (except when noted) at the Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd. Holland, Michigan. Arrive to mingle at 6:30 pm. Announcements and presentations begin at 7:00, followed by small group gatherings where newbees can discuss their beekeeping questions with more experienced beekeepers. The gathering ends at 9:00 pm.

We provide encouragement and support for those who are new to keeping honeybees, those who are interested but not necessarily intending to keep bees, as well as experienced beekeepers. Monthly meetings feature a presentation on a topic that is relevant to beekeepers. There will be time before and after these presentations to pose questions and share ideas with your fellow bee enthusiasts.

There is no charge for membership


July 12 HABA meeting will feature Mel Disselkoen as the speaker.

Mel was born on a farm in a Dutch settlement in South Dakota. He grew up with an independent farming mentality of hard work and creative problem solving. 

"I am a beekeeper of over 40 years starting in 1972. I kept healthy, natural bees for 16 years when varroa mites and neonics came on the scene. I developed OTS ( on-the-spot) queen rearing to provide free quality queens, 100% swarm control in the spring and a brood break to control varroa naturally.

My mentors are Rev. Langstoth, Dr. C.C.Miller and G.M.Doolittle. I am only enhancing their concepts."  -Mel Disselkoen

Mel enjoys observing honeybee behavior and teaching beekeepers how to use his OTS queen rearing method to self-sufficiently reach their objectives.


The Michigan Pollinator Initiative team is excited to announce the launch of a new online course! Pollinator Champions is a free, self-paced course offered through Michigan State University. The course incldes videos, articles, and fun activities to guide you through the world of pollinators and pollination. Anyone with an internet connection can enroll. You do not have to be an MSU student or faculty to participate. And while everyone is welcome to learn about pollinators for free, for a small contribution, you can also receive a certificate and materials to facilitate your own presentations about pollinators.

Read more or register for Pollinator Champions at www.pollinators.msu.edu/programs/pollinator-champions/



  • CLICK HERE for links to videos that provide a step-by-step demonstration and a queen rearing calendar.
HABA News...

MEGHAN MILBRATH is a Michigan breeder of northern queens. Read about her operation by clicking here. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN A CLUB ORDER OF QUEEN CELLS, please let Jeri Walsh-Allis know (webmaster@hollandbees.org). Introducing queen cells into a queenless hive is not more difficult than introducing a virgin or mated queen, and we will provide you with an opportunity to see how it is done when you receive your queens.

Meghan is offering Michigan Mutts, and possibly VSH genetics. You can also choose to take whatever is available.

WE WILL PICK UP THE QUEEN CELLS ON SUNDAY, JULY 15. You need to be able to pick up your cells the same day. Have a queenless hive or nuc with adequate bees, brood and food stores available a day before installation.  We will call when we know we will arrive in order to arrange pickup.

If anyone wants to join us on the trip to Munith, we will consider organizing a car pool. It is two hours drive each way. If you need to see a demonstration of installing cells, let Jeri know when you receive your pickup call on the 15th. Or you can view this video for an excellent online demo.

Do you have bee-related items to sell?

We are accepting classified ads for our Classified section on the website. Ads will be posted for one month at a time and may be renewed. HABA reserves the right to reject advertising submissions. If you have an ad to post, email the webmaster.


If you wish to be added to the swarm list, please send your name, phone number/s, county/counties where you are willing to catch swarms and any limits as to how far you will travel to catch a swarm. Your email is needed for us to update the list, but will not be posted on the website. Send your information to webmaster@hollandbees.org.




We are able to provide a representative to a class or organization for a presentation about bees.  This can be tailored to the audience with regards to age, duration and complexity of presentation. We offer this as a way of increasing awareness of and interest in bees and beekeeping. Please send requests to outreach@hollandbees.org




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