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Voting for the new HABA Logo has begun.  If you missed the opportunity to vote at the May meeting you can vote here through May 26.

May 28 – Field Day – Early Inspections (checking on Installed Packages & overwintered colonies) at Don Lam’s 882 West 26th Street Holland, MI at 1:00PM.  Limited to 20 people--if there's enough interest, we'll add a second group at 3:00PM.  No cost, but registration is required here.

June 9 at 7 PM--Mike Risk will be speaking on Queen Health (GVSU-Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd., Holland, MI, 49423)

Mike Risk is currently the President of the Center of Michigan Beekeepers club and has been a hobbyist and sideline beekeeper for 33 years. Mike’s interest in beekeeping began when he discovered bees in the walls of a farmhouse he bought in Eaton County all those years ago.  These days he concentrates his efforts on mentoring and educating new beekeepers  He raises queens which are acclimated to the Michigan climate and disease resistant to the pests and maladies plaguing honey bees. Mike and his wife Sidney live on a small farm near Laingsburg, MI where they have large gardens, chickens, raise bees and sell honey.

Note:  Due to some scheduling conflicts, the HABA Summer Picnic has been changed to August 6.  Please save the date on your calendars!  Complete details coming soon.

Want to follow data on the HABA Hive Scale?  Follow this link and click on "GVSU Holland" on the map.

GVSU will conduct summer research on managed honey bee colony nutrition and develop mobile phone application for beekeepers.  Read More...

Your local library is a wonderful resource to learn more about beekeeping!  Garden Plants for Honeybees by Peter Lindtner is now available at Herrick Public Library to borrow.  This and many other beekeeping related titles can be loaned through the Lakeland Library Cooperative or through libraries statewide.  Browse several to gain more knowledge and be sure to share your favorites with me as a quick review to share with other HABA members!

A message from Ron Rhoades:

All – In addition to our website page at www.Hollandbees.org , we have established the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HollandAreaBeekeepers/ .  We think the use of this free social media will enhance our community communications and support our organization’s goals.

We invite everyone to check out the Facebook page and “like” the page so that you receive information to include notes put up by other beekeepers.  We have put up the association’s events on the page so that it also provides up to date meeting information.   

To use Facebook, you must have an email address (and since you got this email, we know you do have one) and a Facebook account.  If you do not have a Facebook account, you may set up a Facebook account using your email address.  Setting up a Facebook account is free and easily done by going to the Facebook site.  Please use the Facebook security settings to control your information by choosing to share only with friends (NOT public).   Once done, you will have your own Facebook page and can search for the Holland Area Beekeepers Association and, once there, select the “like” button.   We encourage people to add a photo image of themselves to their Facebook page so that we can learn to recognize you at the association’s events.  By all means, don’t insert or add personal information that you do not intend to share!  …with everyone on the Facebook page!

If you network with other beekeepers, please encourage them to participate in this activity and share their observations and experiences through the Facebook page.

Thank you!

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the April meeting!  Mike Connor shared some great information on what grows in our area and is most beneficial to the bees.  If you’d like to learn more about the trees he has available, contact Honeytree Nursery.  The FABULOUS book Mike mentioned was Garden Plants for Honey Bees by Peter Lindtner and is available through Wicwas Press.  

We took a moment at the April meeting to recognize Don Lam and impact in the beekeeping community.  Here is part of what Anne Marie shared,

“Don’s numerous contributions to the beekeeping circles extend far beyond his many years as the President of this club, but further in providing education programs, extending his local supplies to reflect our changing hobby, provide a steady source of bees, instigate changes in our policies and local ordinances, hit the media to promote honey bees and tirelessly bring people together to share stories, resources and tools to make this sometimes challenging beekeeping experience into a rewarding community experience.”

I’d like to challenge you to explore how you too can make a difference.  Here are a few ideas to inspire:

Swarm List--Please take the time to confirm your contact information is correct on our swarm list.  If you would like to have your name included in the list, email me your name, county (or area), and contact number(s).

Dr. Megan Milbrath has shared an article on Michigan Beekeepers' Association website titled Why Did My Honey Bees Die? 

Share your resources!  Do you have a favorite beekeeping book, article, website, or personal experience you'd like to contribute?  Email your ideas and we'll share them with club members on the website.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Bee School!  We are so grateful to all the volunteers and instructors who made the day possible.  The HABA board appreciates the feedback provided through the bee school surveys. The overall comments were overwhelmingly positive and we can surely call it a success! There were several comments where participants voiced they hoped to learn more concerning honey harvesting, splits, and queen rearing. All of those topics and more will be covered at upcoming regular meetings and workshops. There is no charge to attend regular meetings and anyone interested in beekeeping is welcome to attend. Details concerning meeting topics and speakers will be shared as they are confirmed, but be sure to save the dates on your calendars so you won't miss a moment. Upcoming regular HABA meetings will be held at the GVSU-Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd., Holland, MI, 49423 at 7 PM.

2016 Regular Meetings

    • June 9 
    • July 14
    • August 6--Summer Picnic (watch for details)
    • September 8
    • October 13
    • November 10
    • December 8

Ronna Alexander has generously shared her graphic recordings from Bee School.  (Click image to enlarge)  Check out all four here.  You can also view photos from the Bee School shared by Tonya Christiansen here.  Thanks Ronna and Tonya!!


American Bee Journal and Bee Culture magazines are both excellent resources for beekeepers.  Reader's World in Holland carries both magazines.


Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Winter Banquet!  Special thanks to Jonathan Engelsma for sharing his message on hive monitoring.  Here is where you can sign up for updates from Bee Informed Partnership.  


Huge thanks to Maddie Kiosk whose lovely centerpieces were so tasty: Beehive Cake Recipe, Honey Ambrosia Recipe, Honeycomb Cake Recipe. We really appreciate all of the volunteers and generous donations towards our Tea Cup Auction.  The banquet and bee school are what fund speakers and events for all of HABA's regular meetings.  We are grateful for your participation!

HABA Board Election Results 


  • President:  Anne Marie Fauvel
  • Secretary:  James Coop-Klamer
  • Member at Large:  Rich Schaffer
  • Member at Large:  Ron Rhoades
  • Member at Large:  Gary Manning

Be sure to thank our out-going board members for the time and energy they've shared with HABA:  Don Lam, Randy Slachter, and Evert Van Der Heide.

Rusty at Honey Bee Suite has an interesting post on her bee populations and keeping them fed until spring.  She is in Oregon, so our climates vary some, but it's been a unusual winter for all of us.  The comments include a link forecasting Feb-Apr weather nationwide.

A study finds west Michigan counties are at risk from wild bee decline. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the December meeting.  What a wide assortment of varieties of honey and items made with honey!  Special thanks to Simon and Theo for the candle making demonstration.  Also thanks to Tim from Altek for sharing information on mead making.  His store in Zeeland is a wonderful local resource for home brewing supplies.  

Here's a link that shares the importance of honey labeling.

We were pleased to welcome Krispn Given to our November meeting.  Check out the Purdue Bee Hive link to learn more concerning their research.

Be sure to visit Links We Love to gain inspiration for your apiary!

HABA sponsored some GVSU students to attend the HAS conference in July.  You can read about their experience in their gracious thank you letter.

Here's an interesting article on royal jelly and queens.

HUGE THANKS to Judd Meyer for the impressive HABA banners!

Here's an article that shares the benefits of honey water.

Looking for ideas to use your extra beeswax?  Check out this link for dozens of ideas!

Thanks to all who have submitted content for the website!  Do you have a beekeeping experience you'd like to share, contribute your stories, photos, and videos here.

Be sure to check out the Classified Ads.  See how you can list your own ad here.  Have something for the June Classified Ads?  Please submit your beekeeping related items by June 7.

Mark Your Calendars

Looking ahead to 2016!  The HABA board has chosen dates for upcoming events--Mark your calendars!  We welcome any suggestions or feedback concerning topics and speakers.  Upcoming regular HABA meetings will be held at the GVSU-Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd., Holland, MI, 49423 at 7 PM.

  • 2016 Regular Meetings--April 14, May 12, June 9, July 14, September 8, October 13, November 10, December 8.
  • August 13, 2016--HABA Summer Picnic