Holland Area Beekeepers Association meet the THIRD TUESDAY of the month. at the Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd. Holland, Michigan. Arrive to mingle at 6:30 pm. Announcements and presentations begin at 7:00, followed by small group gatherings where newbees can discuss their beekeeping questions with more experienced beekeepers. The gathering ends at 9:00 pm.

We provide encouragement and support for those who are new to keeping honeybees, those who are interested but not necessarily intending to keep bees, as well as experienced beekeepers. Monthly meetings feature a presentation on a topic that is relevant to beekeepers. There will be time before and after these presentations to pose questions and share ideas with your fellow bee enthusiasts.

There is no charge for membership

November 19 Meeting - Apiary Sustainability: Mite Control

presented by MSU trained leaders Shelly Arnold and Don Lam

Sustaining your hives and apiary involves understanding the Varroa Mite and how it lives among your honeybees. Our MSU trained leaders, Shelly Arnold and Don Lam will be presenting the lecture material (as it is not the time for a field event) so that you can deepen your knowledge and be able to implement a testing and treatment cycle in 2020. They will supplement the presentation with short video segments on conducting hive tests and treatment methods available to you. If you did participate in one of our HABA Field Events, this material can be a refresher for you and an opportunity to ask more questions.


HABA Holiday Party!
WHEN: December 17, 2019
Arrive to mingle at 6:30
Event runs from 7-9 pm.
WHERE: Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd. Holland, Michigan
Honey Tasting - Bring a jar of honey for the tasting table.
Honey Treats - bring a treat (sweet or savory) to share that features honey – don’t forget to bring a copy of the recipe!
Holiday Hive BazaarDo you have products of the hive to sell? Candles, honey, lip balm....?
Reserve a table (10.00 payable to HABA Treasury) and sell your products!
You will be given an opportunity to address the attendees and give a summary of your products.
If you are interested, please email members@hollandbees.org, using HABA Hive Bazaar as the subject.
Bazaar Auction – Bring an item to donate for auction during the evening. 
The proceeds will go to HABA treasury. 
The item can be handcrafted or a purchased or a re-gifted serviceable article (white elephant) that you wish to donate.   
50/50 Raffle:
Tickets are $1 for singles or 6 tickets for $5;
Drawing will be held at 8:30 pm.
50% of the proceeds go to the winning ticket holder, The other 50% to the HABA treasury to help support our programs.

HABA 2020 Annual Meeting

WHEN: January 14, 2020
WHERE: Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd. Holland, Michigan
7:00 - 7:15 HABA Board elections  - We will do a simple voice vote to confirm officers. If you are interested in serving, please send an email with information on the office you are interested in to members@hollandbees.org
7:15 - 8:15 "Creating and enhancing the honeybee habitat in 2020"
Certified Arborist Mike Connor from Honeytree Arborist Services, has a unique understanding of trees, plants and bees, being an arborist and a nursery grower as well as a beekeeper for more than 50 years. Learn from Mike how important trees are to providing pollen and nectar for your bees.
8:15-9:00 Build a Styrofoam® Nuc Box (you must register for this part of the program)
A “nuc” box, is a small hive box traditionally used for making splits and queen rearing. You can use this handy piece of equipment to:
--temporarily hold frames while your sort through the super while harvesting honey,
--keep the old queen “just in case” when you queen a hive,
--provide a temporary hive when catching a swarm,
--as a starter or finisher colony for small scale queen rearing operations.
HABA will have all the pieces pre-cut and ready to assemble at the January 14, 2020 meeting.
To reserve your 5-frame foam nuc kit, email members@hollandbees.org and use Build a Nuc in the subject line.
Please indicate in your message how many nucs you would like and whether you want medium or deeps. Medium $20; Deep $25 – Checks will need to be payable to HABA.



HABA is looking for experienced beekeepers to present at our annual Bee School. Presentations should focus on:
Topics relevant to beginner and intermediate beekeepers, and/or
Activities related to seasonal management practices for apiary sustainability.
HABA Bee School 2020 will take place on from 8 am - 5 pm on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus, 515 S. Waverly Rd. Holland, Michigan.
The deadline for presentation proposals is January 15, 2020.
Please complete the following form (Proposal application in Microsoft Word format) and submit it before the deadline to be considered.
Completed forms may be submitted by email to members@hollandbees.org.
Hard copies may be turned in to Erin Von Tom at the December or January meetings
The Bee School Committee will make the selection and will notify selected presenters by January 25, 2020.

HABA is in need of several people to help out with Bee school. Some of this is work to be done prior to the actual event.
Volunteers will need to be available at Bee School on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus in Holland, Michigan.
Volunteers will have the opportunity to attend Bee School without paying the registration fee.
Bee School Vendor Coordinator(s) - 1 or 2 individuals to identify and invite vendors; assign location; assist vendors on day of the event
Bee School Registration Coordinator(s) - 2-3 individuals to track registrations and payments; communicate and answer questions about the event; assist with check in of participants on the day of the event
Bee School Refreshment Coordinator - Using HABA funds, purchase refreshments and appropriate supplies for the event; assist on day of event with keeping refreshment area clean and stocked
Bee School Setup/Clean Up - 3-4 individuals to help with setup before the event, and clean-up afterward.
Please send an email to members@hollandbees.org to indicate your willingess to help out and what area you believe would best suit your interests and /or talents.

Special event screening of the documentary THE POLLINATORS in four Detroit area locations

November 6, 2019

The Pollinators is a cinematic journey around the United States following migratory beekeepers and their truckloads of honey bees as they pollinate the flowers that become the fruits, nuts and vegetables we all eat.   The many challenges the beekeepers and their bees face en route reveal flaws to our simplified chemically dependent agriculture system.  We talk to farmers, scientists, chefs and academics along the way to give a broad perspective about the threats to honey bees, what it means to our food security and how we can improve it
Audience Award for Best Environmental Film, Newport Beach Film Festival
Excellence in Environmental Filmmaking, San Francisco Doc Fest.
Best Cinematography for a Documentary Feature, Woods Hole Film Festival
Gaia Prize for Environmental Filmmaking, Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival
Best Documentary Feature Film, Germinate International Film Festival
Best Documentary Feature Film, Chesapeake Film Festival
Impact Award, Rob Stewart Eco-Award, Vancouver International Film Festival

HABA local queen rearing interest group

The HABA Queen Interest Group formed in September 2018 as a group of individuals who were interested in raising local hardy queens.

It is our hope that we can improve the genetics of our local bees through education and promotion of locally sustainable methods of beekeeping. A significant piece of this initiative involves breeding queens that are adapted to survive the challenges Michigan’s northern climate.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on the progress of the interest group. If you are interested in being on the queen rearing interest group email list, contact webmaster@hollandbees.org

Interested but not sure what queen rearing involves? Here are a few links to check out the particulars:

  • http://kirkwebster.com/5-early-summerqueen-rearing-begins This is a comfortable narrative by eastern beekeeper Kirk Webster on his queen rearing process
  • Arkansas_queen_rearing.pdf This article comes from the University of Arkansas ag school, so the climate is not like ours, but the material is very readable. Includes illustrations and photographs.
  • Ohio_Beekeepers_Queen_Manual.pdf This is a 25 page detailed explanation that includes information on queen biology with the particulars of two non-grafting methods of queen rearing as well as the Doolittle grafting method. Includes illustrations and photos.

Holland Area Beekeepers Association donated a subscription to American Bee Journal to Herrick District Library in Holland. YOU CAN GO TO THE LIBRARY WITH YOUR DEVICE AND DOWNLOAD A COPY. There is no charge. Anyone who goes to the library can login to the library's wifi and download the current copy of American Bee journal by going to this link: https://herrickdl.org/eresearch.

  • Scroll down to American Bee Journal, click the link and you can either read online while at the library or download onto your device.
  • If you have any problems, go to the Information Desk for assistance.

You will be able to access it at either the main library (300 S. River Avenue in Holland) or the North Side branch (155 Riley Street, next to the Holland Township Fire station)

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We will post a link to our (usually) monthly board meeting minutes on the About Us page as well, once they have been submitted by the Secretary and approved by the Board.


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PROBLEM BEES? If you are looking for someone to remove a swarm (a large clump of honeybees hanging from a tree or other surface in your yard) or a cutout (Honeybees living in the walls of your home or other building) click here to access our swarm list, which includes three licensed contractors who can do cutouts with necessary repairs. Most beekeepers will capture a swarm for the benefit of acquiring the colony, but cutouts require skills that will incur a fee by the contractor.

HABA members are welcome to offer their bee-related items for sale on the website or in the newsletter. You are also welcome to post requests for bee-related items or mentors. Marketplace items are posted for one month, but can be renewed. Send your marketplace requests to webmaster@hollandbees.org

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