About Us

The Holland Area Beekeepers Association began in the 1950's as an opportunity for local beekeepers to meet and share ideas.  We strive to carry on their endeavor as we continue to meet and share resources to educate and encourage all those who love the honeybee.

HABA is organized as a 501c3 nonprfit organization, capable of accepting tax-deducatble donations. The club has a Board consisting of at least a President, Secretary and Treasurer (optimally also a Vice President and a total of three at-large members). In addition to monthly meetings from April through December, the club holds a banquet with board elections in January and a Bee School in February of each year.

Information on club finances, board member bios and board meeting minutes can be accessed from the links on the right of this page.

All members are invited and encouraged to attend board meetings to address concerns and/or make suggestions. Your input as well as any voluteer efforts you wish ti contribute to the overall functioning of the club is greatly appreciated.