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Locally sourced nucleus hives (scroll down for package bees):

Heather's Honey Bees : Local survivor stock 5 years running. Heather's Honey Bees stay in Michigan year round. Limited availability.

Holland Heritage Bee Co. : Nucs for sale - 100% sustainable Michigan bees. Limited quantities available, reservations on first-come-first served basis.

  • 5 frame deeps with at least two frames of brood, laying queen, balance with honey, pollen, drawn or partially drawn out foundation.
  • Available early June, depending on Mother Nature.
  • 2020 price, $190.00 includes Nuc box. Pickup in Holland Michigan.
  • Contact Rick Arnold (HABA board member, 5th generation beekeeper) at or (mobile) 616-460-9338 or download the information

Mary Bouma (Hopkins MI) : Five frame deep nucs for sale. Mary has been keeping bees in rural Hopkins, MI since 2014. She uses Mel Disselkoen's OTS method for queen rearing

  • 5 frame nucs available late April or early May. Overwintered 2019 queens are sold first and daughter queens approximately 30 days later.
  • Nucs are 160.00 each.
  • All nucs contain 5 deep frames, a locally mated and laying queen, bees, brood and nectar/honey.
  • If you are a first-time beekeeper, Mary may have some used equipment for sale to help you get started.
  • Orders are filled on a first-come, first served basis
  • Contact Mary at

Sweet Pines Apiary

Raymond Lackey, keynote speaker at this year's Bee School, still has a few nucs available for sale (150.00)

Visit for more information.

Package bees, nucs and beekeeping equipment

Don Lam Bees : Don Lam Bees, located in Holland, Michigan, carries everything you need to get started and beyond. A partial price list is available at

  • Package bees :

    • Northern genetics raised in Georgia.

    • Very gentle.

    • Good honey producers



  • Nucs