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7/17--Hello, My name is Rich Schaffer.  I currently have a few nucs and mated queens for sale.  All queens are from overwintered bees.  Please feel free to contact me at  Thank you for your interest.  Rich Schaffer

7/7--Hello, My family and I will be in Holland on July 20-22. I make beeswax candles and was wondering if there are some folks in your group who sell higher quality beeswax. I can filter it myself. I have had some bad luck at our local farmers markets. The wax they bring to sell is darker. I'm looking for lighter wax, like cappings. Please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Mike --

6/6--I am a beekeeper in Newaygo, MI.  I ordered more nucs this year than I need. If you know of anyone who is looking for a nuc I am willing to sell the extra one I have for $100.  These are Michigan bees. They were delivered this evening (6/5/2017) and need to be installed ASAP.  Please forward my information to anyone who may be interested so I can find these bees a home. 
Thank you,

Holly Schneider (

3/29--Need a free hive site?  We have one acre near Riley and 160th on the north side of Holland near Riley Trails Park, blueberry fields, gardens, and woods.  Contact us 

3/29--My name is Aaron Markle, I was directed to you via the Kalamazoo Bee Club with a question. 

I am a Southwest MI property owner with an interest in using my property as a host site for bee hives.  I was wondering how I go about doing so or if there are local apiaries that I could contact that might be interested. My place is 141 acres of very diverse habitat and I would love to incorporate bees into this environment.  Any advice would be great. Please feel free to email me any further questions or comments you may have for me or feel free to call me anytime.  I look forward to hearing from you and have a great day. 


Aaron Markle

3/29--My name is Lynn Ripley.  I grew up on a farm near Fennville, MI though I now live in NYC.  I am a retired Medical School Professor. I am now in the process of writing a book about agriculture in the general vicinity of Allegan County.  I plan to visit MI between April 18 and 28 -- unfortunately not overlapping your monthly meeting.  Nonetheless, I would be really interested in talking with an experienced bee keeper associated with your group.  Perhaps someone interested in your pollen project or knowledgeable about bee breeding and the role of bees in agriculture would be willing to talk with me.  I could do it in person during my visit, or if this is not possible, a phone interview could be an alternative.
Lynn Ripley, PhD.

CRAFT (Connecting Regional Agriculture and Fine Taste)

3/20--Nucs Wanted: Hoping to purchase Michigan bees that have over wintered. If you're willing to sell a split, we would love to hear from you. Email: Thanks a bunch Tricia and Larry. Smile :) 

2/16--The Grand Rapids Childrens' Museum is seeking a beekeeper to maintain their observation hive.  Call Larry Hasselman 231-736-9738 for details.

1/27--Hi, I visited your bee banquet recently as a guest. I am co founder of the non profit Hope Gardens. We have the privilege of teaching sustainable organic agriculture using school gardens. I am in need of deceased bees for an upcoming lesson I will be teaching at South Elementary in Grandville. I am hoping to acquire some from folks in your group. ;-) By the way, I love what you all are doing. -Julie Brunson, Hope Gardens. Feel free to call 616-209-2003

1/4--We are looking to purchase a nuc from the west MI area in the spring. Please call: Sharon Baker 616-554-1569.

10/26--Beeswax candles for sale. I will make candles from your CLEAN wax for $1.50 from molds that I have. Ken Hoekstra 269-793-4611

10/26--Land available for housing beehives: We work for a client with a large property on the east side of Lakeshore Drive in Holland who has 14 fruit trees and wants to promote reliable pollination.  If interested, please contact Keith Johnston at Landscape Design Services for more information: (616) 399-1734 or

7/10-- 10 frame 5 5/8 supers for sale $7. Ken Hoekstra. 269-793-4611

6/15--Seeking local pollen. Please contact Andrew

5/31--I just wanted to let your club know I just published a new beekeeping book titled, “The (Im)Possible Beekeeper”.  It is available on Amazon at:  If anyone is interested.  I also have some copies available at my farm in Otsego.  

I also have a schedule of field days on my website if anyone in your group is interested:!apiary/c21r

Thanks! Caroline Abbott

4/5--For Sale:   A full line of bee equipment and supplies here in Holland.   Woodenware, suits, tools, extractors, frames and everything in between.  Don Lam  616.335.2707

 3/16--Seeking Mentor on North side of Holland: Hi my name is Bryan. My friend Andy and I are going to start beekeeping this year. We think he have a great piece of land on the Holland north side. We built enough boxes, hives and frames for 4+ hives and have deposits on 4 nucs that we will get in mid April. We attended the Beekeeper School at GVSU in Holland in February, read a lot about beekeeping, etc., but we have no beekeeping experience. We would like to learn first hand from an experienced beekeeper. Thank You 

Bryan Huisman, bryanhuisman@hotmail.com616-617-4896


3/16--Hi:  I have 8 pieces of hive-top sized (1"x14.5"x18.25") Styrofoam insulation to give away. The sheets have channels routed for winter top entrance.

Call Clay at (616) 990-7769.
Clay Stauffer
607 Lawndale Ct.
Holland, MI  49423 USA
(616) 990-7769

12/7--Hello!  We are Indiana beekeepers who have designed the ultimate beekeeping storage box, The Hive Butler!
Our crowdfunding campaign is live on right now.  Following is a link to our very short video, introducing the Hive Butler: 

While it feels strange just sending you a link to a video, please know that we are just two beekeepers from central Indiana, with an idea we think will benefit beekeepers everywhere.  It is an uphill climb to get something like this produced, and we would appreciate your feedback on the design, or on our campaign.  Http:// 

Please feel free to contact us, and if we can answer anything for you, we'd be happy to do so.
Tracy Pielemeier
Karen Lancaster
2 Queen Bees, LLC
Westfield, IN

11/11--BroodMinder is a wireless temperature and humidity monitor for beehives that uses Bluetooth low energy technology to transmit data to a mobile device or tablet.  It is compatible with both iOS and Android.  It logs and stores hive data every hour and is designed to run for two years on a replaceable coin battery.  The central idea is twofold. One, that as you winter your hives when you see a dramatic drop in temperature or rise in humidity you can take action to save your hive, and two, through a data sharing forum we will be able to gather a large quantity of diverse real-world data.  This data provides us with an opportunity to develop strategies for coping with hive distress over winter. Right now the prevalent strategy is prepare for winter, and then hope that the girls will be there when you look in spring. Hope is not a strategy. We believe that if we measure and understand our overwintering hives better we will improve outcomes.


BroodMinder was started by Rich Morris, a hobby beekeeper from Stoughton, Wisconsin.  Rich has been keeping bees for eight years.  He is not a bee researcher by any stretch of the imagination. However he has worked in ultrasound research and development for many years (20+ patents) and has been deeply involved in both high and low volume product development. A core belief of BroodMinder is that data of few parameters from many sources is more valuable than data of many parameters from few sources and stands a chance of having a major impact on the apiary community. 


The first 1000 BroodMinders are currently being sold at wholesale cost of $40 on our Indigogo site to establish initial funding.  In December, the retail value will be $60.  BroodMinders will be available for shipping starting Dec, 1 just in time for this winter season.  Please visit for more information.

10/28  New Bee Club in Ludington Area Meeting:

 Scottville Beekeepers of
                                                      Mason County
                              Bring your knowledge,stories,and questions.  
                                   Thursday  November, 12th. 7--9 p.m.
                              Scottville Senior center. 104 Main st        Note, 8 miles east of Ludington on rt.10.
                      This is open to all ages.   Info, e mail  ,  ifneedbee@earthĺ

10/15  New Bee Club in Ludington Area:  

I am starting to gather names of people who are interested in getting together for a one time meeting. If it goes well, we will move forward to the next one. I have several local beekeepers in the area on board already. This will be open to all.  I plan on having something for every one who attends. From just starting out and what is needed, to advanced. We will break up in groups led  by very experienced beekers, so all questions can be answered. Those who know Ed Malkowski, who has been keeping bees since 1960 and very well known in my area, is helping me put this together as well as others who keep 40 or more hives in my area. If  anyone is interested contact Lenny at  ifneedbee @
NOTE.. Scottville is  8 miles east of Ludington. Thanks Lenny.

9/1--The B-Funnel was featured in Bee Culture Magazine on the new products for 2015 pages. To learn more about the B-Funnel you can go to our web page, The B-Funnel offers an alternative method of installing a package of bees in the hive and can also be used to help install a captured swarm of bees. Check out the video and photos on the web page to see how the B-Funnel works. Retailers currently carrying the B-Funnel are listed on the web site, including our own Don Lam Bees supply store. Interest in the B-Funnel is growing and other retailers have inquired about adding this product so stay tuned for more B-Funnel news. Jill Woods

7/26--Bee Pollen Wanted-- I am looking to purchase some local bee pollen from Holland mi. Please contact me at this email address.   Thank you.

Looking for local beeswax. Quality doesn't matter as long as it is 100% pure beeswax. Call or text (616) 283-9930 or email

Need Sugar Blocks for winter feeding?

-5lbs blocks
Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, water, vinegar, Honey B Healthy/Pro Health
Price: $10 each.
Free delivery to 30-mile radius area from Fremont, MI, on orders of $150 or more.
Please call 231-335-1236 with questions or more information

Silent K Apiary
2377 W. 32nd Street 
Fremont, MI  49412 
(P) 231-335-1236

Dronings from a Queen Bee:  The First Five Years is a humorous look at life, laced with beekeeping insights and anecdotes.  Appreciated by beekeepers and nature lovers and folks just looking for a gentle laugh.  Copies available for $10 (plus postage if not delivered) with all profits going to charity; e-copies (PDF) free -- just drop me an email at and we'll work out how to get either to you.  Thanks!  I promise you'll enjoy it!  :)