NOTE : The information on this page is not exhaustive and may not be up to date. Check with your city, township or local government officials to determine whether there are restrictions on beekeeping practices in your area.

As beekeepers, we need to be mindful of the concerns of our neightbors for their safety, especially if anyone is allergic to bee stings. Some municipalities have ordinances specific to the keeping of bees, while others include beekeeping with other animal or livestock practices.

While not an exhaustive resource, we will attempt to provide links to electronic copies of relevant documents for beekeepers in our area here. If you do not see your particular city or township listed, and you are concerned, speak with your city or township officials.

General articles on beekeeping ordinances in Michigan:


Individual municipal ordinances (click on the name of the municipality to access the document)

  • City of Holland - This link will take you to the permit page. A copy of the actual ordinance can be accessed by clicking here

  • City of Grand Haven (permit application) - this link will take you directly to the permit application that is required of beekeepers residing within the Grand Haven city limits. Section 40-304 of the Grand Haven city covers beekeeping. The document can be accessed by clicking here.

  • City of Muskegon - Please consult the provision for animals in the city code.
  • City of Grand Rapids - This link will take you to the specifics on beekeeping in Grand Rapids. This ordinance may be under revision.
  • Holland Charter Township - in 2018 enacted an ordinance that can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Grand Haven Township (not city!) - This links to an article in the Grand Haven Tribune from 2015 when the township decided to allow beekeeping as a general provision in their zoning ordinance. The rules are outlined in the article.