There are many books available for beginning and advanced beekeepers. These are not exhaustive lists, but hopefully will provide you with a place to start!

Click here for a list of beekeeping books in the collection at Herrick District Library (Holland, MI)

The following beekeeping book titles have been recommended by HABA members. If you have any suggestions to add to this collection, please send the title, author and a brief description to the

  • The Honey Trail: In Pursuit of Liquid Gold and Vanishing Bees, by Grace Pundyk
  • Dancing Bees, Karl Von Frisch and the Discovery of the Honeybee Language by Tania Munz.  While not a resource for current beekeepers it is a great biography of one of the pioneers in bee research.  Although Von Frisch was 1/8 Jewish by parentage he was protected from expulsion from his job at the Munich University because of his research into a deadly Nosema epidemic among bees during the years of the Nazi regime.  The description of his research methods, his mistaken ideas, and eventual deciphering of the waggle dance is riveting.  It is a window into basic research and the fragility of life under the Nazis.  
  • Keeping Bees in Horizontal Hives:  A Complete Guide to Apiculture by Georges de Layens. It is about natural beekeeping, originally written in the late 19th century. This is a revival of sorts by Leo Sharashkin. Here is his bio (from his website, http: www.  Dr. Leo Sharashkin is editor of Keeping Bees With a Smile: A Vision and Practice of Natural Apiculture, a comprehensive resource on keeping bees naturally in horizontal hives. He is contributor to American Bee JournalBee CultureThe Beekeepers Quarterly (UK), and Acres USA, and speaks internationally on sustainable beekeeping, organic growing, and Earth-friendly living.
  • Building Beehives for Dummies (Blackston) and Build Your Own Beekeeping Equipment (Pisano) are both good resoures for anyone who wishes to build their own equipment. Both books include plans for many hive accessories as well as the basic hive parts. There is not a lot of instruction on woodworking techniques. Another great resource for anyone wishing to build equipment is In the Beekeepers Workshop, at