How To Get Started in Beekeeping

START by coming to HABA meetings, field days and Bee School!

  • You will find fellow newbees novices and experience beekeepers at our monthly meetings. Talk to them, ask questions, get advice - that is how mentoring begins.
  • HABA MONTHLY MEETINGS consist of informative talks on all kinds of subjects having to do with honeybees.
  • Check the HABA website - there are many opportunities to attend field-day type workshops in member apiaries during the warm weather months. See and experience important aspects of beekeeping, such as hive inspection, honey extraction, queen rearing, installing package bees, and more.
  • ATTEND OUR ANNUAL BEE SCHOOL. Keynotes and classes geared toward the new and novice beekeeper.  Learn about equipment, bee pests and diseases, record keeping and more. Visit the vendors booths and talk to fellow newbees and those with lots of experience with honeybees.
  • READ - there are lots of books available at your local library and for purchase. Ask for recommendations from beekeepers you meet at the meetings.
  • ONLINE RESOURCES - There is a lot of information available online. The University of Minnesota Bee Lab has a series of videos geared toward the beginner beekeeper. Their website videos can be accessed here. Michigan Beekeepers Association also has a collection of videos here. 
  • Ask beekeepers in your area if you can shadow them at a hive inspection.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see a beekeeper in action and see what's all involved. 
  • Look for a mentor - once you get to know some beekeepers in the area, you may find someone who is willing to be available to you by email, text or phone when you have questions.

Photo Credit: Connie Immink



Just getting started in beekeeping?

Here are some quick links for you:

First year beekeeping  (Article on Scientific Beekeeping website by Randy Oliver)

Beginner beekeeping videos by the University of Guelph

Beginner beekeeping online course (free) from Ohio Beekeepers

Basics on backyard beekeeping (this link was provided by Jorge from 4-H)

Some YouTube videos:

Set up a Longstroth hive

Install package bees

Cold weather package install

Checking bees after install