Are your bees getting hungry?

This time of the year (January through April, really), honeybees may be getting to the end of their food stores. On a warmish day, take a quick peek under the cover of your hive and see if your bees have enough to get them through the remainder of this winter and into the spring. If it looks a little sparse in there, nutritionally, consider adding a sugar patty and maybe a little bit of pollen patty. You can just slip them on top of the frames. The bees will find it and thank you!

Here is a recipe for making sugar patties for your bees.

On February 20, Chuck Bauer took advantage of a break in the weather to check on his bees. This is his report and photos of what he found....some of his bees were ready for more carbs to get them through the winter!

"Today in my bee yard it was 59 degrees, between the raindrops,(I got soaked at the tail-end of the job) I took advantage to put some sugar blocks in my hives. Some hives have eaten the sugar blocks I put in at the beginning of January, others had eaten most of the blocks, a couple hardly touched then. So I ended up putting 45 pounds of sugar blocks in 16 hives. I have 2 blocks left over for a nuc that I didn't get too, I'll get it at the next warm-up"